Cellular Nonlinear Nano-giga-scale Architectures
(CNNA)- Converging Sensory Computing Hardware
Platforms and Related Wave Logic Inferencing

AbstractóIn view of the latest technological dvelopments, when billion transistor chips and million processor systems are being used, in many fields the cellular architectures are becoming prevailing. Moreover, bio-morphic and bio-inspired models are becoming available and being implemented in integrated cellular sensory microprocessors. In this review, the main trends and some new results are presented focusing on the following themes.

1. The Technology Scenario
2. The Converging Architecture Scenario
3. The Processing Cell Scenario motivated by Physical Implementations
4. The Algorithmic Scenario
    -exotic waves in action and multimodality
5. Bio-morphism and Bio-inspiration: visual, auditory, and tactile systems
6. Towards a Non-Boolean Wave Logic with Semantic Embedding
    -motivating examples