A regular coach service runs between Ataturk Airport and Taksim Square where the Marmara Hotel is situated. The fare is 8.5 YTL (the exchange rate at the present time is 1YTL= € 0.543). You may prefer to pay it in Euros (€5).

Take the coach destined for Taksim Square. The terminal at Taksim Square is situated about 150 meters from The Marmara Hotel in front of “Büyükşehir Arts Gallery” (20 meters away from THY (Turkish Airlines) office).

The bus station at the Airport is in front of the Arrivals Terminal. Look for the HAVAŞ sign.

The bus schedule from and to Ataturk Airport is as follows:
From the Airport:
At 05:00 and 06:00a.m., and every half-hour between 06:00a.m. - 23:00p.m.
From Taksim Square:
At 05:00 and 06:00a.m., and every half-hour between 06:00am-23:00pm.
Duration of journey:
Approximately 40 minutes.

A few Google Earth pictures are provided below to assist the CNNA'06 participants to find their way to their hotels. Please click on pictures to enlarge.

   Route of the Journey         Taksim Square & Hotels